Why a Tea Party?

In 1773 a group of daring colonists dumped 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor in protest of the unfair taxes levied by the British Parliament on imported tea. It was not the amount of the tax, which had recently been lowered, that caused this action; it was the fact that the British dared to levy a tax at all. It would have been easy for the colonists to accept the reduced costs and continue drinking their tea, which was considered a staple. Instead, they stood on principle and refused to accept any goods, no matter how convenient, so long as the British insisted on taxation without representation. The time has come for the citizens of our nation to again stand on principle and refuse to let our government make decisions in which our voice is ignored. Our elected officials have not recognized We the People and have chosen instead to honor themselves first. We must not stand by silently and watch the decline of our country. If you are passionate about the principles and values this great nation was founded on, then join us in speaking out through the Tea Parties being held across America.